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OTEP registers the most voters on MySpace, wins slot at the DNC

August 25, 2008
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Otep endlessly posted myspace bulletins urging her followers to register, and it paid off. She played at tonight’s Democratic National convention, where she is sure to be pissed off at that crowd for not getting into it.


  1. Otep won a fan vote, and probably was pissed off at the fact that the plastic pop children in attendance (like yourselves) didn’t get her. Here’s hoping that she killed FOB and set their remains on fire.

  2. I was just trying to figure out if HRC was being funny or if OTEP really played at the DNC. It’s a reasonable question being Michael McDonald was our entertainment for Obama’s speech night.

  3. To fulfill your curiosity, Otep was the opening act for a Rock The Vote event that took place during the DNC in Denver, and won their place on the bill through a fan vote. IIRC, Fall Out Boy headlined, with NERD and Jakob Dylan supporting. Personally, I am somewhat disappointed that Ms. Shamaya and her crew didn’t kill and eat FOB right there in front of the plastic pop children.

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