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Rockers react to Obama win…and then Chris Cornell reacts to himself

from blabbermouth:

Several rock and metal musicians were quick to hail Barack Obama’s election victory as a boost for the whole world.

Tony Harnell (TNT, WESTWORLD, MORNING WOOD): “The world is changing, finally. I have hope and am really excited about the future. Love to all whoever you voted for. Obama will stand up and serve for everyone. I just had to share my joy! It’s a new day.”

Scott Ian (ANTHRAX): “Today was a great day for America. Cheers, my friends!!! Here’s to a better world.”

Chris Cornell (AUDIOSLAVE, SOUNDGARDEN): “I feel a huge sense of relief. I feel lucky to be alive to witness what has happened in the U.S. over the last several months. To witness what happened today. Historical. We needed this. I needed this. I need hope. I feel hope when I see good in human nature. I have seen it a lot lately. Out on tour doing in-store visits with [Cornell’s producer/songwriter] Timbaland signing posters. Taking pictures. Playing live with his band to fans who were open to a collaboration that is truly unique. I don’t care what anyone says. What we did together is different than anything that has been done before, and I saw goodness in the people that came to the events with the willingness to be open to something different than what they are used to. Great people. Great fans. The best fans!”

Wow. He should work in the spin room on CNN or something. How come everyone else could say, “cool- Obama won, yipee!” and leave it at that? Chris, just use your mouth for singing. Your publicist sux.



    I’t never ceases to amaze how the biggest capitalists of all (celebs) are always the first ones to embrace their own hipocracy. Chris go home to your 8 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills or perhaps your swank flat in Paris and be thankful for the extra talent and creativity that you have used to set yourself apart from the crowd! No more excuses for the sucess of those who work a little harder or may be more talented than the next. We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for our achievements we should be proud and help others in our OWN WAY! Please continue to make great music and set yourself apart from the Hollywierd (opps) crowd. Sincerely, a lifelong fan

    ‘Chris, just use your mouth for singing’? I’d figure you’d want that for something else….. 😉

    But he needs to quit rocking the John Waters moustache and grow a real one.

    Ugh, I’m over him. Until next time he comes around, at least….

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