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WTF? Marilyn Manson inspired books?

I received this headscratcher of a press release…really really bad. Just awful.

This is not a promotion of these books- this is a warning to stay far, far away.


Marilyn Manson Inspires Homophobic Attack

Author Thomas Chi’s novel, Marilyn Manson Murders by Pastor Paul Sherman, is inspired by the life of Marilyn Manson, but begins by promoting hate against homosexuals. The very first sentence starts with an attack against gay children, “Homosexuality is a sin. Families are destroyed, especially in the military. Gay children are coming out of the closet at 14 years old and having sex as early as 12. The backlash is a social retardation distracting children from a higher purpose. Homosexual teens do poorly in school, tend to be more promiscuous, and lack the schooling or testing skills to advance their education. The social disease is unproductive. The answer for most delinquents is America’s military.”
Taking on the pseudonym Pastor Paul Sherman in the first book of the series, “Marilyn Manson Murders,” Chi cleverly intertwines fact and fiction beginning with the coincidental arrivals of President George Bush and Marilyn Manson in Detroit, MI on July 23, 2003; Bush, in town to speak to autoworkers in Dearborn and Manson, to perform at Ozzfest. Written like a Christian novel, “Marilyn Manson Murders” follows the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as the agency fictionally searches for serial killer Danny Jameson, who’s been killing drug dealers at Manson concerts across the country and attempting to assassinate Marilyn Manson. The FBI captures Jameson in New York and asks for assistance from Pastor Sherman, who insists Manson risked the life of President Bush while in Detroit. (Factually one month after Michigan, Manson is later officially banned by Christian movement Kingdom Bound and is the only musician prohibited from playing Ozzfest near Buffalo, New York on August 11, 2003. He then proclaims himself the Antichrist.) “Marilyn Manson Kills: Confessions from Marilyn Manson’s Assassin,” second in the fictional series, is told from the prison cell of Danny Jameson where he explains why he went on the international killing spree: to avenge the death of his Manson obsessed girlfriend, Angela Ulster, who died from a drug overdose. So distraught from the loss, Jameson became fanatical believing he was being followed by Manson’s twin, a Freudian doppelganger. Jameson also believes Pastor Sherman’s involvement is to push a Christian agenda. Book two is written to be reminiscent of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.” Book three, written as a memoir, “Marilyn Manson Destroys by Jennifer Sherman,” brings to light the abusive nature of Pastor Sherman toward his granddaughter. Renounced by her parents from lies told by her grandfather, Jennifer runs off with a man named Roman Sucha. After being tossed aside by Sucha, she enters the harsh world of stripping and pornography chronicled through hundreds of photos. The fourth book, “Studying Marilyn Manson: Groupies, School Violence and Bullying” examines the research behind the previous three murder mysteries.



    wow… amazing they'd pick you to email about this ridiculousness

    Isn't outrage over Marilyn Manson kinda passe? It reached it's apex right after Columbine, then Eminem took the mantle of “shocking” popular music. Then 9/11 happened and I don't know what kind of music uptight parents are shocked by nowadays…

    I'm almost tempted to purchase this book, if only to see how badly written it is. But we're in a recession, I don't wanna give this dope any money, and there's many better books I could waste a few hours reading so I probably wont.

    It's just the Xtian freaks scapegoating. I put the over/under on the number of copies sold at 42……

    This reminds me of an Xtian pamphlet my boss at an old job had showed me once, which described (in their opinion) how EVERY rock band in the world was evil and satanic. While my boss was quite the religious conservative himself, even he called bullshit on this pamphlet when he saw that ABBA was on it!

    NOTE: the author assumed that they were godless pagan commies because they were from that eveel social-democratic hellhole, Sweden.

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