Top 10 Must See Live Bands/Artists

You must see them before you die, this is an order!

Theses are bands that IMHO are the best bang for your buck.

I have seen/will see them multiple times and they never get old, always leave you satisfied and wanting more.

I would adjust my schedule around their shows any day, and you should, too.

1. NIN (will have seen 7 times by next month)

Intense. Dark. Passionate.

2. The Dillinger Escape Plan (once)

Frantic. In your face. Violent.

3. Marilyn Manson (2 times)

Glam. Goth. Theatrics.

4. GWAR (3 times in November)

Monsters. Fluids. Politics.

5. Tool (once)

Avant-Garde. Transcendental. Instrumentalists.

6. The Faint (5 times)

Hot. Slightly geeky. Sexual.

7. Rob Zombie (2 times)

Grindhouse. Cowboy. Metal.

8. Mickey Avalon (3 times)

Dirty. Street. Sexy.

9. Willie Nelson (10+ times)

American. Home. Country.

10. Saul Williams (once)

Poet. Passion. Power.

Depeche Mode and Radiohead should probably be on here, I know. I just can’t ever seem to be able to get there….

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    I like this list except I would replace DEP with Radiohead.

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