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Oh no, Anton

The first report said that Anton Newcombe, singer of Brian Jonestown Massacre, was arrested on allegations that he stabbed is guitarist backstage at one of their final shows on their European tour. Now, it appears that he has been let go as the band has said the whole ordeal was horseplay, and a knife wasn’t even involved. Actually, it was glass, and the wounds were superficial.

I’ve seen him throw verbal knives at his band members, and it isn’t pretty. However, this will never stop me from going to their shows…Anton, behave.

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    At a BJM show I saw a few years back, Anton threw a glass from the stage at someone in the audience who offended him somehow.. and then jumped off the stage to fight the dude.. The show was pretty much over at that point. However, the next time I saw BJM was amazing…

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