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To blog or not to blog

I’m getting mixed messages.

Wired is telling me that blogging is so 2004, that I should live twitter my reviews, no one will read my stuff, I can’t compete with these professionally written blogs, etc.

Then the NYT goes off and tells me that they let blogs pick their CMJ schedule, and how they did a great job, the bands felt really fresh, the shows were authentic, etc.

One of the above gets it and the other does not. Can you guess which one it is?

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No blog is created equally. Even music blogs. Would you like me to perform a segmentation study for you? No, I won’t bore you with that, but I’ll just say that a a blog that extends a music print magazine is not the same as a blog that gives away mp3s, or a fan blog, or a live music blog. Get it? Blogs are becoming specialized, providing different points of view on different subjects and genres. So stop lumping them together and calling them irrelevant.

And about that live blogging thing…I’ve thought about it, but do you seriously want to read this?:

10:09 OMG bands on tha stage!

10:45 I love this sonfg!

12:02 Oops I forgot about this damn twitter thing


    Yeah, blogging is slowly becoming less fun that it used to be, thanks to professional writers, journalists and experts calling their online columns “blogs” as well. I can definitely do without twitter.

    Keep on blogging in the free world!

    Don’t stop blogging about shows. I’d much rather read a review from an actual fan rather than from some douche who works for Rolling Stone or some other lame magazine.Its always nice to read a review of a show I was at as well, bcecause although we may have differant thoughts on the bands {Orchid, Saviours etc..} I can appreicate someone elses point of view, and I’m sure your other readers can as well. Your not gonna get that with a professional writers blog. And I’ve “Twittered” about a show all night as it was happening, and reading it later it was just a bunch of random crap. So with all that being said, Keep on doing what your doing HRC!

    Thanks, Raymond- that’s a good inspirational comment in what has been a frustrating week for HRC.

    Everything Raymond said!

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