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Velvet Dead Revolver

It’s been confirmed, Velvet Revolver is over. It was inevitable, as with Audioslave, that the established singer joining an established band formula is only to be a short lived burst of awesomeness.

After the magical show they gave last year, they downward spiral started with the aborted Sundance performance, Weiland’s jive talk at the last show I saw of theirs, a Weiland rehab stint, the STP reunion announcement, and some Sorum/Weiland riffs during their European tour.

Read the parting statements here. Fans are already suggesting that Chris Cornell step in…

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    Chris Cornell? He’s become too goody goody a rockstar. Half the songs in his “Moving On” album from last year lacked any hard rock punch his previous bands had.

    I just hope it’s not Sebastian Bach who replaces Weiland in VR.

    My theory? Either VR won’t make a third album or Scott will return after fighting with his STP band mates again. Always got a shoulder to cry on.

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