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SXSW Day 4: Rival Sons @ Front Gate Tickets, 3/19/11

SXSW Day 4: Rival Sons @ Front Gate Tickets, 3/19/11

Rival Sons know how to harness the power of Twitter.

They read my love tweets about their Jackalope set, informed me about another show they were doing in the afternoon, and the next thing I know I’m in a pedicab/chariot on my way to South Congress….my favorite area in Austin.

When I arrive at what I think is the right place- behind the Front Gate Tickets office- I think I’m in the wrong place. There’s a jam band type crowd there and a girl is on stage beatboxing. Then I see a van pull up and the guys step out.

I chatted with the drummer, Miley, for a bit and then with a girl who was at their earlier show as well. Turns out she’s a likeminded blogger! I no longer felt out of place in the hacky sack crowd.

It was great to see them again in the light on a larger stage this time. I was able to see their musicianship a lot better, dig a little deeper into their sound. Unfortunately they had a bit of a guitar issue that lasted a while but the rest of the band played through it and it showed their professionalism. And if I needed confirmation that earlier wasn’t just a fluke, I got it. I am a fan.

I walked back downtown with their music still vibrating in my ears. When I got to the Congress bridge, I stopped to take in the Supermoon. Perhaps it’s increase in proximity made everything more intense today.

“They may take everything from you,
they may take your time to think things through.
They’ll tell you everything that you want to hear,
until you tell them that what they say is true.
That’s when the darkness comes to your loneliness,
and your given voice sounds so meaningless.
That’s when they give your mouth such an eloquence,
that you think you sound just like your heroes.
But don’t give them your soul,
don’t give them your soul.
Don’t give them your soul,
save that soul for me.”

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