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Scratch the Album

Another NYT article on the struggling music industry.

It discusses how some artists are now just signed to record a couple of songs. This is another great example of how short our attention spans are getting. It discusses how it is predicted that only certain artist’s fans will demand full length albums, naming Radiohead and Tool as examples (shoulda said NIN). It’s the iTunes effect- buy the digital track you want for 99 cents, and never become exposed to the rest of the album. It’s a sure set up for failure.

It’s the new trend apparently: hip hop is dead, now the album is dead. The music industry giants are dying. Rock ‘n roll is dead. Britney Spears is committing career suicide. And yet it’s the best time to be a music fan that it’s been in a long time. We’re surrounded by free music, we partake in networks where we are exposed to new music based on our tastes, and we’re getting more tours than our generation has ever had. Let’s stop saying that things are dying and enjoy what few good things we have in the present.

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