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More Dillinger news

August 19, 2008

from their myspace:

“-Some of you may have seen October tour dates posted for a tour we were to take part in. Due to circumstances beyond our control (no we’re not breaking up so don’t believe anything that might start floating around on the internet) we will not be taking part in that tour. We wish every other band on the tour well, and hope that it is a great success for them and for the people behind the scenes working hard to make it a great tour.

We have a lot of exciting things happening. The best of which is writing for the next album, which we’ll record sometime next year. We have a good amount of ideas in the initial testing stages, and we’re about to really dive in. We also have a DVD of early years Dillinger in the works for all you old heads or people interested in a history lesson, and we’re still gonna be cranking out these limited Ire Works shirts ’til we reach the end of the song list.

Ben played a crazy avant garde set last night at John Zorn’s club the Stone two night’s ago with Trevor Dunn. It was filmed, we’ll get some stuff up soon. He’s got a lot of other cool stuff going on too like programming work with Ephel Duath and who knows what else he’s into. Head over to his page at www.myspace.com/benjaminweinman every now and then and maybe he’ll fill you in on those things before I do.

Spylacopa, the project with me and John LaMacchia of Candiria fame, that has been slowly materializing in the background for years now, is finally seeing the light of day. Our first EP, with guest appearances from Julie Christmas of Made Out Of Babies/Battle Of Mice fame and Jeff Caxide from Isis, is gonna come out on November 4th. More info on the release and the project as a whole will be forthcoming, keep up to date on that over at www.myspace.com/spylacopa .

Don’t worry, we’ll definitely still play some shows while we’re writing the new album. We’ll get another US run in at some point as well as another UK run and some off the beaten path places like Mexico and South America. We’ll let you know. Stay tuned to this site for whatever may come…

OR you can always go to our unofficial news page, www.spreadinglikewings.com and the kid who runs that will probably know about anything pertaining to our lives before any of us do. I don’t bother making decisions in my life at all anymore, I just check that site and find out what happens. I go there, and it’ll say something like “Greg Puciato ate rice krispies for breakfast today”, and it’ll somehow be before I actually even ate breakfast, but the fact is that I actually was thinking of eating rice krispies. Then I do, thus fulfilling the prophecy. It’s a little weird. There’s probably news up about this blog even though I haven’t posted it yet.”

The Dillinger Escape Plan

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