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Bay Area Indie Music Fest

I’m a little late to this news, but it’s important for anyone who consumes live music like I do.

Stay far, far away from this festival. Yes, you: spectators, fans, vendors. No support from me.

To call something the Indie Fest and then to go and screw up the event so badly AND not pay the bands is a disgrace to the indie spirit. If Tidal Wave can pull it off without selling tickets, then why can’t this one?

You’ll also want to read the comments in the article, as the guy who runs the festival and some other clueless people try to defend themselves, and the keyboardist from Scissors For Lefty sets them straight.

I’d rather pay $5 for water and know the bands are getting taken care of at some sponsor heavy corporate festival than to support something like this.

And, seriously? The only band that got paid was The Frail? Thanks for supporting the lead singer’s debauchery.

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