Here we are again, 2 weeks later!

I didn’t get a reminder email about this livestream after buying the bundle last time, but luckily I remembered all on my own. After logging in and spacing out to a kaleidoscope of visuals for three or so songs worth of Stoned and Dusted bands’ material, the obligatory commercial break for the live vinyl, and some archived Stoned and Dusted festival footage, we were treated to an interview with Nebula complete with… a tiny baby! One of the band members had his newborn with him that had been born in quarantine.

In the interview with the creator of the festival Ryan Jones, they talked a bit about the start of the band, and what makes them a bit different from other “desert rock” bands. They circle back to this when they have a superfan interview them as well a bit later. Nebula definitely has a punk injection into their sound, and later on in a break from their live show this is further solidified when they are asked about their favorite live concert films and records, and they talk about Motörhead at Hammersmith and anything Thin Lizzy live. And they like Slayer.

Another cool story one of the members shared is that they were an opener in a band called Olivelawn for Nirvana way back on the Bleach tour in 1991 in SoCal and into Tijuana.

That band gave way to Fu Manchu and then into Nebula. But you can see how incestuous (Inseticiduous?) the desert scene is, but, at the same time, how Nebula has been open to these outsider influences.

Whisked away to the desert landscape, this dynamic threesome played an hour long set. Starting at dusk and playing into darkness, the footage was broken up by a mid-set interview complete with a monkey mask. We don’t know why, you don’t ask questions in the desert.

So here we are, another audience-less show that was great. We’re almost at a year of this ‘make our own fun in our padded cells we call home’. As I watched the band put on some warmer clothes as the sun went down and the desert chill set in, I remembered some of the 5 senses of concerts. Tired feet. Achy neck. Sweat. Beer. Vomit. People singing off key. People talking when they shouldn’t. Being tired but wanting to stay til the end. People that are too drunk. Music that is too loud. Music that is not loud enough. Cell phones. Assholes. Assholes with cellphones.

Can’t wait!

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