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Telepathy: Crosses †††, Spirit in the Room @ The Roxy, 4/16/14

Telepathy: Crosses †††, Spirit in the Room @ The Roxy, 4/16/14

IMG_8247It’s felt like Groundhog Day as I walked into The Roxy for the 3rd time in 4 days. I walked in just as the curtain went up for opener Spirit in the Room. I immediately recognized frontman Dennis Sanders as the former bassist of Black Light Burns. He had this sort of Nick Cave meets Jello Biafra vibe about him; as awesome as that sounds, it didn’t get fully executed because there seemed to be some technical difficulties. There were stagehands and such running across the stage almost non-stop and I found it distracting. Next time… IMG_8250

There are certain voices in music that just soothe my soul, and Chino Moreno’s is one of them. While I don’t even minusculey identify myself with the typical Deftones fan crowd, it doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I’d been anticipating this show for a while, having missed all of the initial rounds of dates while back in Texas. While my iPod and car stereo served up a blank screen for the band name, making it difficult to find the EP to listen to, I was definitely into the feels of this band from the beginning. This spacious, industrialish vibe with Chino’s usual velvet-to-violent vocal touch appealed to me. The stage was packed full of equipment and speakers; and The Roxy had never sounded better for it. I went to this show alone, squeezed my way up front, and just let loose and danced for half the set, before the usual Chino crazies got to me and I bailed for the back. IMG_8278

From what I hear, Crosses as a live band had a shaky start, like what I had witnessed the night before with Temples: unconfident and careful. I sensed none of this that night; the performance was spotless. With drummer Dino Campanella from dredg and bassist Pelle Hillstrom in the mix, it was probably the best show I’ve seen at The Roxy.

IMG_8267These seductive songs played well live, and Chino was especially a crowd pleaser that night, singing in everyone up front’s faces. My favorite tracks were frontloaded in the setlist: “This is A Trick”, “Bitches Brew”, “Frontiers”… by the end I was just spaced out. Until the encore, when I thought my ears were playing a trick on me and the imagery of a man in a robe with his manhood tucked under infiltrated my head; indeed, it was a cover of Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye, Horses”, otherwise known as ‘the Silence of the Lambs song’. Wonderful; well played, Crosses.

I was really satisfied by this show, and I left with images of three neon crosses dancing in my head.

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