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SXSW '10: Revenge in the Daylight: She Wants Revenge @ 604 E. 6th St., 4pm 3/18/10

After the death metal day show, Umlaut and I ate a Tex Mex snack and split off, him going to Emo’s and me going to a venue only known by it’s address- 604 E. 6th Street. I would be seeing She Wants Revenge, one of my all time favorites, for the first time in 9 months.

Like Landmine Marathon, it was interesting to see SWR in the daytime- something I hadn’t done since the very first time I saw them at BFD in 2006. But somehow it allowed me to focus in on the new tunes, which I was very curious to hear.

As they began their set, vocalist Justin Warfield gave a shout out to the DJ, which reminded me of both Justin and Adam Bravin’s Hip Hop and DJ backgrounds. They began with ‘Red Flags and Long Nights’ and ‘These Things’, working their way through several staple songs before hitting us with two new tracks. The new material builds on the progression seen throughout the band’s other two albums, with Justin’s voice leaving behind the monotone vocals for more variety. The subject matter appeared to be more romantic than dark. And, as always, it’s danceable.

SXSW 2010

Every time I see SWR they feel more like a four piece than the two piece with some invisible musicians in the background as they started out as. And further, while I usually see SWR as a unit, I could watch them as musicians this time around since it was so light in the room- Justin’s singing and guitar, and Adam’s bass and skills on the keys.

SXSW 2010

They ended the set with ‘Out of Control’ and ‘Tear You Apart’. It appeared that a girl behind me in St. Patrick’s gear hadn’t stopped the party from the night before, and she was really feeling those tracks. Feeling them on me, to be exact. But that’s ok, because even sober and in the daytime, I can dance to SWR, even if it’s with another girl who can’t see straight.

As soon as the set was over, I had to book it next door to Emo’s…..but I had another date with SWR later that evening.

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