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She Wants Revenge @ The Fillmore, 6/20/08

There’s something highly comical about seeing Dethklok, Ted Nugent, and now She Wants Revenge at The Fillmore in the span of two weeks. Different vibes, different dress codes abound as tonight represents the fashion hip, sexy beat craving dancing freak.

I’ve been following SWR since before their first record released in 2006. They catch a lot of flack for sounding like other bands- Interpol, mostly-…but really they all sound like Depeche Mode, who sounds like Joy Division. Get over it.

I am drawn to SWR’s style- their songs are dark, sexy, romantic…a slightly more goth version of Depeche Mode. Interpol wears suits…not for me.

I have seen SWR 4 times before- BFD 2006, The Warfield coheadlining Placebo show, The Grand Ballroom at the Regency, and Download Festival 2007. Each time they have gotten better. My measure of this is the guitarist. The first time I saw them, I didn’t even know he was there- and he has stepped it up ever sense. After The Fillmore show, he’s impressed me enough to where I’ll go look up his name. It’s Thomas Froggatt.

Walking into The Fillmore at 11pm on a very unusual 90 degree Friday, I immediately notice that Tim isn’t greeting me! But instead, I immediately see Adam; who generally mills around the crowd before his shows.

The heat is stifling. We just missed the last opening band, which sounded like a good thing because lots of people were complaining, I grab my usual spot by the left speaker- but I belong in the front tonight. I go to see a lot of bands that I have moderate knowledge of and am seeing because a music lover ‘should’ see them perform. But with SWR, I know every word to every song.

The guys come out, and kick off their set with 3 of my favorite songs: ‘Sister’, ‘Red Flags and Long Nights’, and ‘These Things’. It’s too much to handle. They work through a lengthy set, balancing new and old material. I never stopped dancing. People are starting to drop like flies- the heat of the room and the heat of the band are too much to handle.

Adam and Justin have come a long way since BFD- they are much more animated, confident, and emotional on stage. They are on their home stretch from a long tour, and it’s safe to say they are well seasoned now. They have tons of groupies- most of them pretty young things- and one can easily recommend to a single guy that this might be an ideal place to pick up hot chicks. Prince, move over.

Adam mention that they almost had to cancel tonight because their bus broke down on the way here. Luckily they hitched a ride on the other bands’ bus. At one point, Justin fell to his knees, in an act that I think may have been caused by some overheating.

‘Out of Control’ and ‘Tear You Apart’ end the show, with no encore. Everyone loves those songs. I missed ‘I Don’t Want to Fall In Love’ and ‘Black Liner Run’ being in the setlist.

I look back on a fun musical relationship with SWR, and look forward to a future with them, too.

Red Flags And Long Nights
These Things
What I Want
Broken Promises For Broken Hearts
Save Your Soul
Someone Must Get Hurt
This Is The End
True Romance
Piano Solo
Written In Blood
Out Of Control
Tear You Apart

SWR performance: 8.5/10
venue (The Fillmore): 8/10
crowd/scene: 7/10
value ($25.00/ticket): 8/10
memorable: 8/10

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