Hi there again… here we are at livestream 4/5 of Couchlock and Rock!

This was a chaotic week for me and it was my mother truckin’ birthday few days ago so I was glad that this one had a healthy serving of levity in it. Last year I celebrated the big 4-0 in a tropical paradise, barely made it back into the country as the world was shutting down, and then hardly had time to process the milestone as I was managing all of the chaos of being a business owner dealing with what the hell to do during a pandemic. This year I just felt old.. and I got to go to a restaurant for the first time in six months and eat outside in the wind because California is strict as hell.

Anyway, Mountain Tamer! Check out their video above because it gave me a good laugh. They talked about their time in San Francisco, which took me down memory lane. Playing the Hemlock… a place I used to frequent when I worked around the corner above The Regency Ballroom. They spoke of a now defunct place in The Mission that I think I went to, and The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, where I saw Rob Zombie play a tiny show once. Then they talked about playing Loaded in Hollywood, which is def one of the most Hollywood places ever. I miss that place. I’ve had a lot of fun nights there. And I haven’t had my teeth knocked out in front of a member of Mastodon there, like I have at The Rainbow. Anyway…

They also played this video during the livestream, which was a lot of fun:

Mountain Tamer also make their own hot sauce, which is endearing. Like grow their own vegetables, it sounds like. But I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere!

Onto the show! Mountain Tamer bring more doom to the room than the other bands so far; in general, they were just heavier. The vocals shriek, soar, and slide through the sound. And woah, windmill headbanging was unexpected here! I keep thinking about being filmed with drones while playing and how I would be so distracted, like a giant mosquito is buzzing too close to my head. But these guys pay no mind.

Some songs slowed to a chug so dilapidated that it brought out the true stoner spirit the desert is known for. I am loving living out here. Life is slow but not boring; it is a pace not everyone can enjoy. I like that Mountain Tamer in name and in sound seem like they are fighting with the elements. They seem to be the only band so far that have been filmed in full light. Depending on when this was filmed… ugh… it was 100 degrees pretty much every day until the first week of November. Scorched earth, indeed.

This was my favorite of the livestreams so far. Mountain Tamer is not boring. They were engaging both to watch and in song structure. One more to go!

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