It’s 1989 in Huntsville, Alabama… and what would now seem like an inconsequentially easy filming of an afternoon of not much on a cell phone, this was not the norm back then.

I was lucky enough to play around with video cameras in the early 90s and it was NOT EASY. They were heavy and expensive and tapes were clunky. And for some reason my parents were into Betamax. And let’s not even talk about trying to edit… I had to con guys in my RTF classes to do my dirty work with the clunky computer programs that existed back then. I’d try to explain my vision but I just couldn’t be bothered to slug it out with programming.

It’s weird to grow old and have nostalgia become a helluva drug. Simple things like signs, product packaging, or the absence of things like computers everywhere; they just get your gears going. “We yearn for simpler times…” Yeah, they were simpler, and if you weren’t there, you don’t care. It wasn’t all good of course- modern conveniences can be awesome, and they weren’t better for everyone- but working hard to get music was something lost on kids now.

And I grew up in the South, so even the sounds of the junebugs, err- cicadas- got me.

And there’s a follow up! Larry is a lawyer! And Darrell has a YouTube show! So they watch the video together and cringe. One basic human experience we all share is we all grow up and can laugh at our younger selves, especially those of us who documented it well. Like the early days of this website! Zoinks!

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