I love rock 'n roll

The first song that I ever remember hearing was I Love Rock ‘N Roll, by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I remember dancing wildly around the room, in an outfit that I fashioned out of bandanas that I tied together. Too bad no one was there for a photo of that. I think I was 4. So I was pretty young when I figured out that rock music was my thing. And fashion.

Not to say I don’t like other kinds of music. I’m a Texan, therefore I do enjoy some country music. I grew up spending a lot of time in dance studios, therefore I love Michael Jackson. It’s just that rock music- hard rock music- is my core. It dictates what other types of music I latch onto, as well as film, fashion, and life in general.

The motivations for writing this blog are multifaceted. I read Rolling Stone from the time I was 10, and a college course entitled Popular Music in America enlightened me of the fact that there has never been a successful, critically acclaimed female music journalist. I also consume a lot of music content, and tend to think about things with a music filter on. Also, my other blog, jamiesbrain.com, was turning into a music blog, so it was time to have a spin off. Lastly, I am a researcher, which causes me to have a compulsion to witness cultural activities and report their significance to the masses.

So, I hope you enjoy reading, and find it entertaining, informational, and enlightening. But mostly, I hope you think it rocks!

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