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HRC Goes to Europe

March 30, 2011
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Dearest Readers,

A couple of years ago I decided that one of my goals for HRC was to go to some international shows. Despite a lot of domestic travel lately, I haven’t been outside the US since 2004, and when I used to do more international travel as a student, I never went to a concert.

My first thought was to follow one of ‘my’ bands across Europe, but the timing never worked out. Then I thought I should go to some of the major metal festivals…but I could never find an accomplice and, honestly, I don’t like festivals.

So instead I just booked a trip around the destinations I wanted to go to and then saw what concerts fell into that. It seems to have worked out well. Over the next month, I’ll be taking a mostly solo journey starting in Rome and going to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oslo, Bergen, and London. It’s a soul searching expedition with a side of music, if you will.

Updates will most likely be minimal, but I hope to emerge at the end of this with stories of adventures unimaginable.

Rock on!



  1. Good luck, safe travels, and have many rocking adventures. Looking forward to your shared stories of travel and metal… And if you happen upon a gorgeous Norwegian metal god and decide not to return,I will understand but please keep us posted 😉

    All the best HRC, ~a.

  2. Damn, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Berlin are all pretty far away from where I am living. I live in Münster, that is in the north-west of Germany. I would have loved to go to a show with you… But I see you are going to go to Knorkator and In Extremo… I saw In Extremo live 2 years ago… check their speakers and equitment… they have a “phoenix logo” on many of them ^^

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