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Ghostland Observatory @ Mezzanine, 11/29/07

Ghostland Observatory, from HRC’s hometown of Austin, TX, have succeeded in carving out their own little distinct space in today’s current music landscape. The duo’s music might best be described as electro funk rock, echoing their self proclaimed disparate influences- Daft Punk, Bowie, The Clash, Prince, and The Animals. The frontman/guitarist/dancer Aaron Behrens and drummer/keyboardist/producer Thomas Turner have formed a collaboration that goes beyond expectations for the noise that two people can make- think Daft Punk meets the White Stripes.

The band is know for putting on great shows- and their high energy is mandatory when they rarely go on stage before midnight. Behrens vocal pitch rivals Nathan Willett’s of Cold War Kids and Behren’s idol, Freddie Mercury, and he strikes fierce poses as he dances around the stage with his typical aviator glasses and Indian braids. Turner wears a blue cape and never speaks, moving seamlessly from pummeling on the keyboards to wailing on the drums.

This performance of Ghostland broke none of the above expectations. There was a what seemed like more killer than normal laser lights show, and several new songs were played off of their upcoming third album, Robotique Majestique, to be released in February.

Youtube from their Austin City Limits performance (Sad, Sad City)

Brief Youtube clip from this show via someones phone- they didn’t allow in cameras…


    DAMN!!!!!! that was a kick ass show. I just had a little dance attack watching that cell phone video (which is amazingly good quality audio/video).

    Their sound and aesthetic leaves NOTHING to be desired. Some of the best dance moves come flowing out of Aaron’s body. Plus I love the love-y ‘vibe talk’ in between sets.

    Every show brings this seamless cycle of energy that hits the spot. Whether I’m bouncing up and down, shaking my finger ‘no!’ (ain’t no party in a sad sad city) or swaying lazily; whatever the tempo is, you’ll find a goofy grin on my face. I will never miss a show here in SF!!! And, someday, I’ve got to see them in their hometown AUSTIN.

    I’m seriously in love with these guys.

    I’ve seen at least 8 of their shows from their startings at the Texas Roller Girls all the way up to playing right before Bob Dylan at ACL. They keep getting better. The lights, his moves and the energy from the stage always leaves me dancing my ass off and screaming until I lose my voice.

    WOW … my first experience with these guys and I could NOT be more impressed. I absolutely LOVED the show. The energy level was AMAZING. Thank you Nichole for the ticket, I am a new fan for sure and thank you HardRockChick for your fab blog, you captured the essence of the show perfectly!

    Testosterone bleeding frat boys aside, Thursday’s show was amazing. Great energy from the band and the audience, and don’t you just love Aaron’s sexy Texan accent? I know His Ian Curtis imitation certainly made my night.

    The clip from the show at the Mezzanine is mine. Not from a camera phone and I do have a better, longer version of it on my vimeo account if you’re interested. It’s actually of a track from their new album that’s due out in February.

    These guys totally kicked ass, and the laser light show was really amazing, too. I bought the DVD of their performance on Austin City Limits so now I can drool at my own leisure. 😉

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