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If you aren't already, watch Metalocalypse

HRC has been obsessed with Metalocalypse for a while now.

So let’s get to know Dethklok, the band in Metalocalypse a bit better. The typical episode begins with the plot setup, followed by an analysis of the band’s situation by the Tribunal, which appears to be some underground military meets religious group that attempts to thwart Dethklok’s exceedingly huge popularity. Then the rest plays itself out over the 15 minute show.

Dethklok, “the twelfth largest economy on Earth”, is known for their extremely violent concerts that often in in fans’ deaths. They are constantly getting in situations that either satirize the death metal genre, or contrast the hard image with something ridiculously un-metal. All members are constantly drunk.

The vocalist, Nathan Explosion, the gruff, gravely metal voice and is the biggest of the bunch. Skwissgaar Skwigelf is the lead guitarist, is Swedish and often speaks in nonsensical sentence structures, and has long blond hair and has almost a pretty boy prescence. William Murderface, often the most popular character, is the bassist. Definitely the least attractive of the bunch, he sports helmet hair, a potbelly, and sardonic attitude delivered via a lisp. Pickles, the drummer, is often posed as the rational one of the group, and seems the most American in his delivery. Toki Wartooth, the rhythm guitarist, is the youngest one in the band, is from Norway, and is often picked on by the rest.

While the bands voices and some of the other characters are done by the series creators- Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, Mark Hamill- as in Luke Skywalker- does some of the character voices.

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