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Army of Anyone @ Slim's, 2/24/07

When faced with the term ‘supergroup’, the level of expectation for a band skyrockets. So when I was emailed by Ticketbastard to let me know of this new band I might like, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. Richard Patrick (NIN, Filter, The Damning Well), The DeLeo brothers, Robert and Dean (STP), and Ray Luzier (David Lee Roth, come on, that’s cool)! No way. There name is Army of Anyone. So, I don’t dig the name, but I get it.

My first listen to the album resulted in a lukewarm reaction, and I shelved it for awhile. When I found out they were going on tour, I bought tickets and gave it another listen. I liked it much more this time. It’s very intelligent. You can tell these guys have been around the block, dragged through some alleys, and maybe tripped in a gutter or two. They’re seasoned.

This shows in their live act in particular. They make the shitty Slim’s sound system sound priceless. Their set list reaffirms that their album kicks ass, and fans are sent over the top when the band resurrects favorites from Filter and STP (no David Lee Roth?) It’s great to see a band that is so comfortable in its own skin after seeing so many shy newbies out there that have no idea how to work a crowd. A few details: how can Richard Patrick still sing like that? It’s truly unbelievable! He may look demented while he’s doing it but it kicks ass. And Ray Luzier’s drumset is huge. It literally almost took up the whole stage.

Want an outsider’s opinion? My manfriend, who accompanied me to the show, said this: “They sound better live than on the album, and I really like the album”. ‘Nuff said.

My mini video of ‘Goodbye’

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