Top 5 supergroups

The 5 best bands made up of members of other successful bands, in no particular order. And yeah, it’s a pretty incestuous list.

Temple of the Dog: Made up of members from Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, this one album release differs from the rest because it was created while each band was still together. The Seattle Sound was brewing with so much creativity that it couldn’t be satisfied with just one band. ‘Hunger Strike’ was the most famous song from the album, but the whole thing was fantastic. A similar effort would happen a few years later, resulting in Mad Season, which contained members from Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam.

Velvet Revolver: Slash. You could end there and I would still be hooked. So Slash’s Snakepit wasn’t too successful, so he started up a new band with semi-sober Weiland from STP. Oh, and all of the other G ‘N R guys that Axl pissed off. I think these guys really like guns. Maybe my people should talk to their people. Anyway, ‘Fall to Pieces’ is one of the best rock songs of recent years. I highly anticipate their next effort, though it is apparently having some issues. Please, please….just release before Chinese Democracy, OK?

Army of Anyone: see previous post.

Audioslave: I’m still whining over the recent announcement that Audioslave is no more. As everyone else was freaking out about how awesome it will be to see a RATM reunion at Coachella, I was freaking out about what this meant for Audioslave. And my concerns accurate. R.I.P. One of the best live shows I have ever been to, these guys made some great music. And they performed it in Cuba.

Damnocracy: Yes, this is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. But I enjoyed watching the growing pains of creating a supergroup play out in the VH1 show SuperGroup. Sebastian Bach and Ted Nugent…you can’t have much better TV than that! No, seriously, these guys are all important musicians, and I would love to see a now TV show influenced effort. But I still think it should have been named Savage Animal.

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    Chinese Democracy? Maybe China will finally attain democracy before this album releases. However, some of the tracks have leaked online, and they’re shocking! Very 1997-ish, with emo and industrial + guitar riffs and solos. Weird, eh?

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