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Warp 11 @ 12 Galaxies, 9/22/07

You know what? Chicks dig Star Trek. They especially dig Star Trek rock bands.

I am now ashamed to admit that I have never seen an episode of Star Trek. Luckily, I could muster enough pop culture references to catch the ‘Captain Kirk’, ‘Klingon’, and ‘Beam me up Scotty’ references.

Warp 11 is a Star Trek rock band. They might even be the Star Trek rock band. All I know is they have a serious sound and a serious following. Apparently Star Trek is serious business.

I’ve been to rock shows where the band has a number one album and the crowd didn’t know the words as well as they did for Warp 11. Especially the ladies- they were truly worked up into a frenzy. It was quite impressive. I couldn’t help shake the feeling that I needed to immediately go home and Netflix Star Trek and figure out what I had been missing my whole life.

The whole concept of a rock/punk band built around an already iconic cultural reference is an interesting idea. After some googling, I’ve discovered the following:

AeroSith: Star Wars costumed band that plays Star Wars themed parodies of rock songs
Stovokar: a Klingon rock band, classified as death metal
Harry and the Potters: you guessed it.

And there’s apparently lots more where that came from.

Anyways, seeing Warp 11 is a lot of fun- especially if you are a Star Trek fan. A busty rocker chick, edgy lyrics (Jerk My Kirk?), and plenty of Vulcan salutes are purely a recipe for success.

warp 11


    Great Write-up! Thanks for coming by. Now watch a bunch of Star Trek and you’ll enjoy the next gig even more!

    First Officer Merlino

    I had no idea… and I just stumbled onto this blog. Very informative. Never heard of Warp 11, but now I'm going to search them out. Thanks!

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