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VHS or Beta @ popscene, 8/3/07

Ah…popscene. It’s a 10p on Thursday night tradition for some.

As we wait in line, we, for the second night in a row, are behind superfan. He’s wearing the shirt, he’s been to all the shows, he knows it all.

Let me start by saying that DJ Omar is the shit. It’s as if he hijacked my itunes library or something.

Popscene is always great for people watching. The fashion is hilarious, the attitudes as well. There was also someone else watching that night- some cameras were roaming around videotaping the party.

I’m only casually familiar with VHS or Beta. I found out from superfan that they are from Kentucky…hmmm. Anyway, they take the stage at 11:30 and start their set. A song or two in, they are plagued by some technical issues and some cranky fans. The lead singer announces that the purpose of this show is to play mostly new songs, and the crowd is noticeable upset. Two nights in a row- how different could the circumstances be, but the similarities kept happening.

I’d have to say that I liked their dancey stuff best. Some bands can pull off both rock and dance, but I’m not sure these guys can. Perhaps better equipment would help.

Back to DJ Omar….please play a bad song so we can go home. 7 songs later…we trudge out the door, both tired and hyped up for our flight to Vegas in the morning.


or beta



    show some more love!!

    techinical difficulties aside, they were still really good. THey do some of the best dance rock on my opinion. Top 5. And the lead singer sounds like Robert Smith with is neato. Of course I had earplugs which I think might have made the difference in sound. Popscene is small and I was way too close to those speakers for my own good. It must have effected your hearing because I usually agree with you … rawr ;0)

    i was ok with it being a test of their new album, more so because the lead singer was very open with it, thanked the crowd for their patience with hearing new songs (when the album isn’t even out yet) and sprinkled in many hits from their old album. Plus i found out later that it was clearly advertised to be such a show (but I didn’t pay attention). They’re new album has a few slower songs that veer out of their trademark sound so we’ll have to see how I like those after a few listens.

    on the familiar songs though, you TOTALLY left out that the crowd was out of control! I haven’t seen fans that into the music since Hot Chip or the Faint shows at mezzanine. I had to dance with the crowd just to not get knocked over.

    was i at the same show as you?

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