My Musical Adventures

The Warlocks/Darker My Love/The Otherside @ BOTH, 11/16/07

It’s psychedelic rock night at Bottom of the Hill. The Otherside kicked off the evening. As their long and admirable list of influences shows, they draw inspiration from bands like Joy Division, BJM, and The Faint- but sound most like The Bravery in my opinion. I’d like to hear what they sound like with a different singer- as the current vocalist is a bit all over the map.

I’ve wanted to see Darker My Love for a while now. I love the name alone. They have a great, woeful sound that didn’t entirely come through as much as I would have liked. They looked a bit nervous. Regardless, there is something enigmatic about their singer, and they have some great songs. With time, their show should tighten up to be something phenomenal.

I was only able to stay for a couple of The Warlocks‘ songs. They had a serious smoke machine going, which was too much for the tiny space that is BOTH. Coupled with their very dreamy music, it was lulling me to sleep. Maybe some other time.

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