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The Missing Reviews series: Low Sea Roar/Good People @ Rock-it Room, 1/19/08

HRC’s year started rather imperfectly. I went out to the Rock-It Room an this particular evening to see Astra Heights, a band which my schedule never seems to synch up with. I had to leave before they came on (my show partner was ill).

Nonetheless, I saw most of the Low Sea Roar set, which was some good sounding skater rock. They play a lot around town. They seem to be a very young band that needs a few more rounds to take off some rough edges, but showed promise. Their drummer is female, and her look appears to be very straight laced for a rock band. Interesting.

Next was Good People, who I just listened to from another room. They seem to have a pretty strong following, people were wearing their shirts and such. It is not my type of music at all, but the female lead singer sounded good.

Astra Heights review TBD someday…

venue (Rock-It Room): 7.5/10
crowd/scene: 5/10
value ($8/ticket): 6/10
memorable: 2/10


    One day one day!!!
    That was a weird night. I had the flu and then it turned out Good People’s bassist was an old bandmate of mine from LA! Oh let’s not forget that Good People is the title of an Astra Heights song.

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