My Musical Adventures

the doormats / a history lesson @ thee parkside, 9/1/07

It was only fitting to celebrate CBGB and Hilly Kristal this past weekend by going to a punk show in a small, smoky club filled with misfits and $2 beers named ‘Hamms’.

I walked in on The History Lesson– from Santa Cruz- an was immediately bathed in the maximum amount of noise that three instruments could create. I’ll have a Corona and some ear plugs, please. Once settled, we were treated to Minutemen covers, including ‘Corona’ (fittingly)- the theme song for Jackass:

The Doormats– and their little gnome that was missing one shoe- put on a great set. It was the perfect 6pm-on-a-Saturday-of-a-3-day-weekend music. Though the audience failed the quiz, they really enjoyed hearing the music from Tecmo Super Bowl:

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