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SXSW '10: Not So Minipop @ Aces Lounge, 10pm, 3/20/10

I trotted down 6th street in a cold stupor, quickly sobering up from my Irish coffees. I walked in just in time to see Minipop begin their set.

Minipop is from SF, but I came all the way to Austin to see them for the first time. Their psych pop is slightly out of my realm, but I enjoyed their set. The guitarist, Matt, is from Leather Feather, where he plays bass. I’ve seen Leather Feather a couple times and they are one of my favorite local bands.

Finally I was able to watch a set indoors where it was warm. The stage at Aces Lounge is over 5 feet tall, and draped around the perimeter were several older gentlemen staring in awe at singer Tricia. Haha, it was cute. I was seriously getting a neck cramp watching the set though, especially because Matt is really tall to begin with. The psychedelic aspects of the band lie within his guitar work. It was fun to watch him as he’s such a contrast to the rest of the band. At the end of the set, he took off his guitar and dropped it face down on the stage after giving it a go around on the speakers for feedback, which seemed to startle the crowd out of their dreamy state.

SXSW 2010

After getting all warm and toasty and mellowing out to such dreamy music, I had to force myself outta there for my one final show of SXSW….

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