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SXSW '10: Gene-ius: Prophit, The Click Clack Boom, Turbogeist @ Phoenix, 8:30p, 3/18/10

Through an acquaintance I made while following around the NIN/JA tour, I was invited to a party where some very interesting bands would be playing.

The other different thing about this show was that I was able to take one of my very dearest friends from grad school as my date, which was really cool so that she could see ‘what I do’.

Upon arrival, I went to check in with the list at the door, and they told me to go to the backstage entrance, which is always interesting. So we go around to the back alley and are whisked inside the loungy Phoenix, a posh place with art on the walls, candles, and nice places to sit.

As soon as we arrived, Prophit took the stage. I said hi to my friend who was throwing the party, and he explained to me that Prophit is Perry Farrell’s nephew. It was really fun hip hop music, and I was glad to get some in for variety during this trip. We were dancing around a little until we got to sit at a velvet roped off table in VIP. I enjoyed this while I could since I knew the rest of my trip would not be this easy.

Up next was The Click Clack Boom. I really enjoyed them, even though they are a bit outside my realm. They are a slightly psychedelic pop rock band of what looks like brothers from Pennsylvania, though they are New York based now. The drummer was amazing, and my friend and I cracked up because I was sitting there staring at him going, ‘this guy is amazing’ when he looked over and cracked a big smile at us. “He heard you!” she says. They were really fun to watch, I’ll definitely catch them when they come through SF.

Then there was the band I was there to see- Turbogeist. What’s so special about this band? Well, it features the spawn of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall on vocals- James ‘Jimmy’ Jagger. We thought we had spotted him earlier; he definitely exudes that ‘I have amazing genes and a charmed upbringing but am somehow still pissed off at the world’ vibe. They start the set with the guitarist wearing a Daniel Boone hat and the bassist wearing giant sunglasses that he never took off. Turbogeist is dirty punk music- which is what you’d expect since the name seems to be inspired by Turbonegro. They sound quite good, though I’ll have to go listen to the free CD I got from them at the end of the set to recall the songs- I remember one being about drinking, which, you know, isn’t that creative.

SXSW 2010

They had some classic rock star moves, at one point the guitarist jumped off the stage and played in the crowd where the other half of the show was taking place. This is where Jagger’s sister, who looks exactly like Jerry Hall, was going crazy in the most dignified way possible, headbanging her waist-length golden locks nonstop. Another son of English royalty was in the crowd as part of their entourage as well, though I’m not sure who he was. It was hard not to watch them as much as the band, thinking about how they live in this world so different than mine, but apparently we share some similar taste in music. This was Turbogeist’s debut in the U.S., and I’m very interested to see what happens with this band.

No video exists of Turbogeist that I could find- but here’s an interview with James Jagger, ironically talking about Texas:

I had to leave to go to my next show right after the set- but after Turbogeist would be Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s daughter’s band, Elevator Fight.

It was a fun show that was definitely the most unique of my SXSW experience, and it was cool to share it with my friend as well.

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    I was SO happy I was able to be there with you for this show … thank you so much for inviting me and letting me be a part of your world : ) Can't wait to your next visit!

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