rock themes: black

I don’t know what you think, but things in this world are pretty heavy right now. Pointless wars, senseless leaders. Prices are high and morale is low. It eats away at my soul when I think about it.

Apparently, it’s affecting a lot of bands right now, too. If depression had a color, it’d be black. Not reserved for goths anymore, black is popping up in the names of indie rock bands everywhere. Black reflects the sense of danger looming in the air, an effect of living in this culture of fear.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the Black bands:

Black Sabbath
Black Flag
The Black Crowes

The Black Angels
The Black Keys
Black Lips
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Black Eyes
The Black Heart Procession
Black Wire
Black Label Society
Black Light Burns
Black Eyed Peas (haha)

I’m sure I left some out, but you can see what I mean. Black is the fashion.

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