It’s been over five years since I’ve written in this space… boy does time fly when you’re having fu….hmmm. Anyway, we all know what’s happening right now, so no need to recap that dirty five-letter word that has destroyed everything that resembles normalcy regarding day-to-day life.

I’ve been paying close attention to what has been happening to the music industry, and I have a lot of thoughts. I used to go to well over 100 shows a year to write about them here, and if I had still been doing that now, my life would have been even more drastically altered. I have kept tabs on the Save Our Stages efforts, the livestreams, and the many doom & gloom news stories. I’ve been kind of standing back in horror over the implications all of this has for the future of live music. But disruption leads to creativity and change, and as unfortunate as all of this is, looking back on why I stopped writing and being a live music fiend in 2015, the concert industry was due for some change.

So I thought it was time to resurrect HardRockChick, at least for a while. It was actually quite an undertaking to get a website back on its feet after being dormant for 5 years. It’s been good to go back and look at some old entries. I always tried to document how it felt to be at the show, and that feeling is invaluable right now. People used to always ask me why I did this…WHY DO YOU GO TO SOOO MANY CONCERTS?!!?

Well, now I know why. There may be no more concerts as we knew them. I guess I’ll see, as HRC resumes her adventures and interviews in this new world.

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