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The Actor turned Musician…another look

I’ve blogged about this before…and now there’s a whole new breed of mostly WTF actors trying to be singers.

So we’ll start with a good one- I was sent this youtube link, and the PR person never even name dropped who it is- so I watched it and was like, “isn’t that the guy from The Notebook?”

Dead Man’s Bones/Ryan Gosling

Different….unexpected. They call it ‘Indie Goth Rock’.

And then here is the big bad what-is-he-thinking: Joaquin Phoenix. We loved you as Johnny Cash, in Gladiator, even in Parenthood! Why are you doing this? I really hope this is some form of method acting…

Announcing his retirement from acting:

And now he’s trying to do hip hop (and falling off stage)?

This must be for a some kind of mockumentary. Please.

And I would be amiss if I didn’t mention current stalker bait, Edward Cullen…er, Robert Pattinson, and his foray into singer/songwriterdom. If he puts out a record, it’ll sell like hotcakes and raise a whole generation of girls with dubious musical taste (albeit, better than Britney).

And lest I forget Scarlett Johansson’s mind boggling album of Tom Waits covers.

Well, who knows- maybe if I were a successful actress, I would go partially mad and record an album of NIN covers. ROFL.

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    I believe Joaquin Phoenix was a fantastic actor, how ever a rapper (as he keeps saying he wants to be) don’t think so. Personally I’m hoping one day he’ll wake up from where ever he is right now and make movies again.

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