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Record Recap: The White Stripes 'Icky Thump'

The White Stripes are one of the most critically acclaimed rock bands around today. Detroit American rock with a Southern injection, The White Stripes can be found on a 15 year olds ipod as well as a 50 year olds. It’s timeless, simplistic, and maintains a teeter totter balance on catchy and edgy. I feel like The White Stripes may be in that enviable position where they can do no wrong.

I like The White Stripes- don’t get me wrong. But I do feel like they are a bit overrated. The White Stripes are flourishing in a rock-starved world, where Jack White remains to be the last rock star. Where nearly every other band that can be classified as rock/something– indie rock, pop rock, electronic rock, industrial rock, goth rock….The White Stripes have no slash. They are just rock.

‘Icky Thump’ is the band’s sixth studio album, releasing as the band is about to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. This album comes after a lot of personal transitions for both Jack and Meg: both moved out of Detroit, Jack got married and has a baby and another on the way. In a sense, this album reflects a less self-centered view: the first single is The White Stripe’s first overtly political effort, dealing with immigration. The love songs are more tender, and the country and Spanish influences are more romantic (hence the promotional photos gracing every music magazine of them dressed in Mariachi costume).

Icky Thump is a good road trip listen, but I don’t feel like there is a stand out track on the album that will repeat in your head all day long.

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