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BRMC's The Effects of 333

BRMC released their latest album, The Effects of 333, at 3:33am on November 1. A psychedelic industrial soundscape, the album reminds me of what NIN did earlier this year with Ghosts I-IV, but much more ambient.

Listening to the first three songs, I would have never bet this was BRMC. But the moment track four starts, ‘And With This Comes’, it becomes instantly recognizable, before splintering back off into mysterious- almost scary- instrumentals. ‘A Twisted State’ and ‘Or Needed’ are the other more BRMC sounding tracks.

The song titles seem to form a poem:

The Effects of 333. Still No Answer.
I Know You’re In There.
And With This Comes, A Sad State, A Twisted State, Sedated With Sterilized Tongues.
We’re Not Welcome Alone, Or Needed.
And When Was Better.

‘And When Was Better’ is an interesting one. It’s newscasters talking about the Kennedy assassination. Could this be political? With all of the Obama-Kennedy references out there, coupled with the timing of the album drop, it makes me think so.

This is BRMC’s first independently released, downloadable only album. As with NIN, this is the type of non-commercial material that record labels never want anything to do with, but artists always want to release. That’s why we’re getting these high concept, artistic pieces from bands out the gate of their unedited, self-published careers. I’m digging it, but I do miss the lyrics and guitars…



    Cool review–definitely want to hear this, and plan to download it as soon as I can sort Paypal out..

    absolutely terrible – if i hadn’t known it was BRMC and just payed for it, i probably would have changed it after the first couple of songs.

    I love BRMC too much not to try and find some positive qualities in this experience. I’m definitely coming at this with WAY more of an open mind than I would for other experimental albums.

    Truthfully I miss the soulful singing, beautiful lyrics and gut wrenching guitar. But I had a little fun pretending this was a soundtrack to a movie and walking through my imagination what Peter and Rob might have been experiencing with all the ambient noise and screeching.

    Still, I don’t think I have more than one … maybe two listens in me.

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