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Record Recap: The Smashing Pumpkins' Zeitgeist

Billy Corgan is trying really, really hard to redeem himself. He’s been quite the whipping boy for the press over the past few years, before he gave in and decided that a Pumpkin’s reunion is what we all needed. His full page ad antics just didn’t go over well.

Being one of the few lucky holders of tickets to the upcoming Fillmore concert series that the newly ‘united’ Pumpkins are playing, I’ve been doing some thinking about where the Pumpkins fit in my band affinity list. I think I had 2 or 3 copies of Siamese Dream–I wore them out. Thirty-three holds a special place in my heart. But I think I just got pissed at them when they canceled a show I had tickets for in 1997, and didn’t really look back much after that.

It seems that SP’s reunion has been met with the most mixed reviews of any reunited band as of yet. I reserve judgment until I see them next week, but, based on the new album, I have tepid feelings. Some of the songs almost get me there…Bleeding the Orchid, That’s the Way (my love is)…that is until I look at the name–is that an R&B song? I really wanted to like Doomsday Clock, Tarantula, and United States, but they were missing something (D’Arcy and Iha?). God and Country is pretty nice. The rest I could do without. And the business about their being 4 different versions of the CDs isn’t the best way to deal with album issues these days.

Whatever damage has been done will not reverse the fact that I will get goosebumps when I hear the first few notes of Today. Rock on, Pumpkins.


    Funny how a band we all once loved so much at one time could fall so far in our affinity list. I wonder if Billy had this epiphany after playing 7 ‘unabridged’ songs from the new album… and getting little reaction from the crowd… when he said, “Thanks to all 7 of you that bought the album” at which point he rocked out a few classics… and yes.. goosebumps.

    Sweet. 3 more days!

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