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Put the Pedal to the Metal / Pentagram, Nachtmystium, Hammers of Misfortune, Orchid @ DNA Lounge, 7/2/09

Whore for Satan put together a killer metal show last night at DNA.

When I walked in, Orchid’s set was already underway. I had mixed feelings about this local band when I saw them back in Feb. ’08, but this time I thoroughly enjoyed their set. They had the cleanest sound of the evening. I stand by my past review that their vocals are stellar, and the drummer kicks ass. ‘Eastern Woman’ is a great song. I will be seeing them again…soon.


Hammers of Misfortune
are another local band. This six piece includes two females who share vocal duties with one of the male guitarists. They have a strong metal opera vibe- they sing, not scream, over their heavy metal backdrop. It’s not the kind of thing I would listen to, but it was interesting to watch play out on stage.


Nachtmystium brought the loudest, fastest, highest energy set of the night. Hailing from Chicago, this four piece brought an aire of demented danger. I think they are one of the better newer metal bands….they manage to occupy an interesting space somewhere between Black Metal and Psychedelic Rock. Lead singer Blake does a fierce helicopter headbang while playing…..Dethklok! I really enjoyed their set- they are part heads down playing complicated stuff, part thrash around stage with lots of energy. ‘Assassins’ and ‘Ghosts of Grace’ are really good tracks.



Time for Pentagram! By now DNA was packed, and a lot of people were very excited to see something that they probably thought they would never see. Granted, the only original member is singer Bobby Liebling….but who really needs more than that guy?

Let me comment on Bobby Liebling for a bit. At 55 years old (hmmm….), I can’t decide whether he could potentially be the coolest dad in the world, or an old man creeper. Watching him run out on stage, black pants with hot pink stitching, see through floral shirt with bedazzled detail, and frizzy hair…I truly couldn’t decide if I saw him on the street whether I’d want to give him a hug or mace him. He’s led a rough life I’m sure…the most recent evidence of this is an apparent recent crack cocaine run in at a French airport. You have to check out Photo Ray’s pics of him. One is below:


That said, he is one of the most entertaining people I’ve ever seen on stage. The rest of the band, capable but none a stand out, definitely played second fiddle to his antics. There were times he would attach himself to the speakers, like a fly stuck to sticky paper. He makes the most hilarious faces, like he is channeling the guitar through his face….oh, and he plays air guitar a lot. He sounded pretty good, but I found the sound in general to be kinda quiet and muddled for their set.

The crowd seemed very very into the set, singing along and reaching out their hands, both to touch Bobby and to throw horns and show the metal claw in appreciation. There was a bit of pushing and shoving, but it wasn’t until the end that I became the final domino in a line of people who got knocked over. It’s been a long time since I’ve been leveled to the floor- kinda fun!

I forgot to pick up one of these posters- anyone know where I can get one?


The cool thing about DNA Lounge shows is that you can listen to the sets here (up for 2 weeks).


    Turned out to be an awesome show. Bobby Liebling was without a doubt one of the most entertaining front men I have ever witnessed. Sounded great as well. I'm glad you dug Orchid this time, as they one of the best local bands around. As always, thanks for linking to my pictures!

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