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Mini Review: Early Graves, The Funeral Pyre @ Annie's Social Club, 8/26/09

I rolled out of the apartment at 10:30p…that should be enough time to catch half of the middle act and headliner of a 3 band billing that starts at 9pm, right?

WRONG. HRC fail, Annie’s Social Club– or as I like to call it, the Anti-Social Club- fail- they switched the order of the bands.

I walked in, had a tiny reunion with Pickles the Drummer (the dude in the pic with me) which fuckin’ rocked (here’s how the conversation went: “are you write HardRockChick?” – “yeah…” – “I’m Pickles the drummer!” – “OH MY GODDDD!”. Haha.

So when I walked into the room with the music I was kinda confused. The Funeral Pyre is on already? OK….I didn’t catch enough for a real review, but I enjoyed what I heard.


Early Graves quickly came on next. I’d like to bottle their frontman’s enthusiasm. The stage can’t even contain him- so he doesn’t even bother. He just screams on the floor, thrashing into the audience. At first they sounded kind of a mess, but that was quickly rectified by the second or third song. This is when the singer mentioned something- “thanks to The Funeral Pile (to which they laughed), and Suicide Silence and Elitist for being here”. Ha! I had overheard a guy talking about how it was their day off, and he was proudly wearing his tour laminate….they are/were opening for Black Label Society on the Pedal to the Metal tour (which is now just Mudvayne and Static-X) in San Jose tomorrow. I thought the tall dude/singer looked familiar.


Anyhoo, HRC learned her lesson to not be so late to shows. But it was kinda interesting to be in the divey Annie’s Social Club for an hour that was literally only populated by dudes in other metal bands, a handful of metal chicks, and Pickles the Drummer! And my Behemoth shirt even scared THAT crowd of dudes away…..

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