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In Your Heart: A Place to Bury Strangers, Hooray For Earth @ Korova, 3/15/11

In Your Heart: A Place to Bury Strangers, Hooray For Earth @ Korova, 3/15/11

“Don’t say that you’re nice to me alright
You’re lying
Don’t say that you’ll be with me tonight
You’re lying
Don’t think I forgot what you said
There’s nothing there and it’s dead

In your heart”

I’m sitting on the edge of I10 and 18 wheelers are flying by me. My hands are on my face as I look at the glow of red and blue in the mirror.

The fuzz got me again.

But this time, I got off with a warning…but I had to give the cop my number. Is that normal? Don’t answer that, I don’t care.

Korova is a former coffeehouse current venue in downtown San Antonio. Since I’m just a tad of A Clockwork Orange fan…I’m slightly disappointed they don’t play up the namesake decoratively speaking as I walk in.

I was excited because not only would I be seeing one of my favorite’s tonight, but I’d finally meet in person someone who I’ve known online for years!

Hooray For Earth are a perfect fit for opener for APTBS. Fuzzy, electronic…but the difference is that some of their songs have a reaggae vibe going on. It’s the kind of music I can dance to. Their four members share duties across a multitude of guitars, tams, keys, and drums. The vocalist gives off a sad angry vibe though….a bit of a mismatch for the music at times. Their stage presence could be more dynamic….especially with a crowd of folks who know what is about to come.

At this point in my three or so years of seeing A Place to Bury Strangers, there’s honestly not much more I can write about them. Guitarist Oliver Ackermann was sporting a handlebar mustache, Jay Space, a broken collarbone, and Dion, an MO to take my head off with his bass. I’ve seen APTBS quite a bit by myself so it was nice to have the Texas contingency line the stage. There was a moment when Jay Space lost his sticks and Oliver picked them up for him and J Space blew him a kiss…aww cute. Towards the end of the set, awash in the fuzz of the sound and lights, all I could think of was this scene from Willy Wonka:

And then at the end, when I was encased in fog and strobes thinking about how last time I had to listen to Ocean from the ladies because I fainted, the frets of Dion’s bass appeared in my face in a very threatening manner, and then split my friend and I apart, and kept coming until I realized that the bassist was about to come off the stage, where he proceeded to play on the floor behind me.

I love this band so much.

“Don’t say I’m not nice to you tonight
I’m trying
Don’t say I’m not in love with you alright
I’m crying
Don’t say that you’ll be with me again
You’re lying
There’s nothing there and it’s dead

In your heart”

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