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Bootie-SF 4 Year Anniversary Party @ DNA Lounge, 8/11/07

A bit of a non-traditional live music review for me, but here’s a short recap of the 4th anniversary party for Bootie.

Bootie is a fun party if you take it for what it is: a ‘cutting edge’ music/club event that is part people watching extravaganza, part dance-a-thon, part Burning Man warm up. While it can be difficult to appreciate Bootie’s creativity and get down at the same time- with the songs changing mid stream and all- it is about the only large scale ‘club night’ that I can tolerate.

The crowd: pirates and drag queens, goths and alterna-go-go dancers, club kids and music junkies. There’s more fake hair and augmented body parts here than on your typical night out in the Marina, though it’s implemented much differently. It’s a sight to be seen.

The Smash Up Derby, the live mash up band fronted by Adrian and Mysterious D, performed first. While technically it is a marvelous feat, some songs come across much better than others. Tricky Sandman (?) seemed to be a crowd favorite.

After a rather low key mash up DJ set, The A+D DJ got kicked off to a nice multimedia start: visuals on the screen plus go go dancers plus some more theatrical dancers had all the eyes in the room. But the highlight, what we were really there for, was the Guitar Hero. Either the visuals were prerecorded, or Adrian is a force to be reckoned with on Guitar Hero.

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