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An Evening with Dethklok @ The Fillmore, 6/9/08

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Thursday night might have sucked, but it makes for one helluva story. Everyone seems to be having a good chuckle at the ‘life imitating art’ incident that caused our original show to go up in flames.

So we get an Evening with Dethklok– because we are special enough to make a trip back for on their one day off from the tour. Soilent Green and Chimaira can kiss it- we didn’t wanna see them anyways.

Their myspace post said 7:30p sharp- so I missed out on my John 5 picture to make it. Did I make the right choice? I agonized over it all day. They took the stage at 8p.


The show starts with some news footage from the incident that canceled the show, as we all laugh at the hysteria that it caused. Then, the Metalocalypse begins.

They appropriately commence with ‘Deththeme’. The set has videos of the cartoon, special made for the tour, woven into it, making it like a living, breathing episode of Metalocalypse. There’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage, some typical Murderface toilet humor about peeing sitting down, a Skwisgaar sex scene (I am going to get SO many hits off that phrase tomorrow), and not enough Toki. Apparently Dr. Rockso was banned after he started the fire last week.


These guys are all brilliant live. While the video is the star of the show- it is a cartoon band- I watch the guys effortlessly pull off these fine tuned metal masterpieces in awe. There’s a part of me that wishes they were in costume or something to make the whole thing gel a bit more, but I understand why they don’t do it. Plus, I imagine that it would be really hard to play like that and do the hair helicopter, because I would totally expect them to do that.


This is not my first rodeo with Brendon Small- he entertained us as the MC of the Guitar Hero Championship last year. Gene Hoglan, drummer, has played in Testament. Mike Keneally, guitar, played with Frank Zappa. Bryan Beller, bass, has worked with Keneally and Dweezil Zappa.

The crowd is 5-year-old-watching-Saturday-morning-cartoons excited. There’s some pushing and shoving and crowd surfing, a fair dose of brutal for a Monday evening. I see no other chicks with Explode Me shirts, no one dressed as Dr. Rockso, and no one but…Pickles. My least favorite, but still, well done costume.


The show was awesome- well worth the wait. Metalocalypse will now have a new meaning when I watch it. Seriously.

After stocking up on merch, we caught Brendon for a pic:


Dethklok Setlist:
Briefcase Full of Guts
Birthday Dethday
Coffee Jingle
Go Forth and Die

Into The Water


Dethharmonic (listen, you can hear me yell ‘Toki’ at the beginning)


Pickles, Nathan, and Skwisgaar talk about the fans

Dethklok performance: 9.5/10
venue (The Fillmore): 7/10
crowd/scene: 8/10
value ($26.50/ticket): 8/10 (but an $18.30 service charge per ticket! OMGWTF!)
memorable: 10/10

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