What's your favorite song to perform and why?

The performer’s challenge: how to deal with playing the same songs night after night. I’ve seen a lot of bands several times- and there are some songs that just seem to spark for them on stage. Perhaps it’s the meaning behind the song that provides the fuel, the memories contained within the words that make it never get old. Whatever it is- you can often tell which songs the performer seems to enjoy most.

The Hard Rock Chick asked a few artists about their favorite song to perform. I told them to have fun with it- and you’ll see that some of them did:

What is your favorite song to perform live and why?

“Lately, I’ve really enjoyed doing my “VICTORY” track live. There’s something about it when the beat hits and I just feel fucking mentally on-point when I spit that track live. Every word hits perfect and I feel the electricity from my brain making its way into peoples ears. And just the overbearing russian chorus you know gets me feeling really in touch with my homeland (russia).”

Ivan Ives


“Well, lately we have been enjoying genre mashing. At the moment we are on a kick of mixing classical with punk rock.
this is our favorite piece to play as of late. It’s by Chopin…Opus 33, No. 2: Mazurka No. 23, in D major and the lyrics are from a Johnny Rotten poetry book.”


While I don’t have an example of the song described above, here’s one from their forthcoming album.

Idiot Smile
[audio:04 Idiot Smile.mp3]

“That’s a cruel question! Too many possible answers. On some days I like to hum Wipe Out. Why? Because I am sitting on my surfboard and seeing a large wave approach. That’s live right? If I am on stage with Astra Heights, I think I get a kick out of the Whole World Changes because there’s a somewhat improvisational Spaghetti Western/Morricone flavored intro that often starts the song. If that was Greek to you, think Pulp Fiction theme. It’s a somewhat playful and liberating moment. At the end of the day I am just happy to perform live period; be it a silly cover for a someone’s wedding reception or a rockin’ tune with Astra Heights in a club.”

-Bernard, Guitarist for Astra Heights

Partial song youtube clip….look for their album coming soon!

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    “Every word hits perfect and I feel the electricity from my brain making its way into peoples ears.” Did he really say that? Hah!

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