Top 5: Things to take to a show

1. Your ticket. There’s no worse feeling than getting to a show and realizing you left your ticket at home. Likewise, if your ticket is at Will Call, don’t forget to print your email receipt, bring your credit card, and…

2. Your ID. If you’re 21, of course. And if the venue is 21 and up.

3. Ear plugs! If you go to shows frequently, you should invest in some earplugs, or at least go get some from coat check, security, or at the bigger shows they are free at the rock medicine booths. I’m awaiting a nice pair of custom earplugs soon, so I can enjoy the vocals again.

4. Sturdy shoes. Metal and rock shows= steel toes. Hip hop= sneaks. There are only a few shows where it is acceptable to wear nice shoes, and usually they involve having a seat. If you wear stilettos to a GA show, please don’t step on people’s feet- I have some permanent damage.

5. Money. Drinks-Posters-CDs-Tees…support your venue and the band. And don’t forget to tip your bartender.

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