HRC's Top 10 New Albums of 2010

I was kinda light on discovering new music this year. But, this is an honest list ( keeps me honest – behavioral analytics FTW) that is schizo as hell but very, very me. I still refuse to write record reviews because I’m terrible at them, so it’s not a coincidence that I saw every act on this list at least once this year.

10. Neil Young / Le Noise

9. The Dead Weather / Sea of Cowards

8. Landmine Marathon / Sovereign Descent

7. Black Breath / Heavy Breathing

6. Howl / Howl

5. Bison B.C. / Dark Ages

4. Combichrist / Making Monsters

3. The Dillinger Escape Plan / Option Paralysis

2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Beat the Devil’s Tattoo

1. Deftones / Diamond Eyes

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