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HRC's Top 10 Shows of 2010

December 28, 2010

Out of my 112 adventures this year….these were the 10 that rose to the top. How do I decide? I just went with the first shows that popped into my head. Generally, these are the shows that were the best stories for me. Sometimes it was because I had a lot of fun, or because it helped me understand something about myself, or that something crazy happened that will be a story for the grandkids. When you write show reviews like I do, it can be painful to go back and read them for a variety of reasons. I think because my year was so filled with heartbreak, the list below is pretty predictable in terms of these are all bands I have followed for years. It was a year I sought comfort in music. Next year, I look forward to covering new territory again.

10: Stone Temple Pilots / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Nokia Theater LA

a perfect circle of BRMC shows….and STP at their best

9. Neil Young MusiCares Person of the Year Gala at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

one of the most star-studded events i’ve ever attended…and for a great cause

8. A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms @ The Avalon LA

hearing an album that means a lot to me live was a dream come true

7. The Dandy Warhols @ La Zona Rosa Austin

it was the right show at the right time for me….nearly two months later and i’ve barely gone a day without listening to them for support

6. The 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards @ Club Nokia LA

a very fun, very different event to go to that celebrated a lot of my favorite musicians

5. Behemoth, Septicflesh, Lightning Swords of Death @ Slim’s SF

one of my first shows of the year, one of my favorite bands, and the piece reminds me what a long journey this year has been

4. The Dillinger Escape Plan Secret Show – SXSW @ Emo’s Indoors Austin

a spontaneous surprise…one of the best live bands delivered a jaw dropping set in a hot, packed room

3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Harlow’s Sacramento

the first of seven BRMC shows i saw this year….this one was the best because everything seemed new

2. BlackDiamondSkye: Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon @ The Joint at the Hard Rock Las Vegas

a line up that felt made for me…and my first big outing after losing my mother

1. Rammstein / Combichrist @ Madison Square Garden NYC

a show i’d waited for ten years to see, with production that blew my mind and one of my favorite bands as an opener. i chose this show as number one because, while hitting on all the things that other shows on this list did, there was something about it that made me look forward instead of backward.


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