Top 7 Music Jobs, besides being a musician


In a strange sounding Wiki, a band manager is described as someone who assists the band in making business decision. The choices of venues, photos, etc. are examples. Band managers often have a reputation of being money-hungry poppetmasters, but I do believe that they have an integral role in the success of making band marketable.

Clip of The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein

Venue Booker/Promoter

A booker books a band to play in a venue. It’s the coolest event planning job ever. Bookers are responsible for all of the awesome events that I go to, for which I am forever grateful.

Clip of legendary concert promoter Bill Graham:

Poster artist

Concert poster artists have done beautiful work that both serves to entice people to a show and to look back and reminisce how great it was. Concert posters are a valuable relic from past shows, as they tell a story with the images, the line up, and the quality. Concert posters are even getting a place in art museums.

Wolfgang’s Vault poster art collection


Security at concerts get the best view at shows, they get to go backstage, and they look tough. But they have an important job of protecting all of us in the ‘danger zone’. And as a girl fighting my way up front at some rough shows, I know that I need help.

Clip of a Fall Out Boy show, where Pete Wentz goes apeshit on some guy and the security has some action on their hands.


It’s not only important for a band to sound good- they have to look good, too. That’s the stylist’s job.

Article on NME about the White Stripe’s stylist

Music Supervisor

One of my fantasy jobs, a music supervisor marries the visual with the perfect song.

Clip of the music supervisor for Dogma, Rushmore, and The Royal Tennenbaums


Duh. Why do you think I write? Though I’m not paid, I don’t get to meet the band, and I don’t get free perks, it’s still fun.

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