Top 5: I'm Depressed About the World songs

The world is pretty fucked up right now. Today felt like the tipping point where all hell began to break loose. Yesterday was Blue Monday…perhaps today is Black Tuesday. We’re in year 5 of a war, oil costs $100 a barrel, the stock market is taking a nose dive, health care sucks, mortgages suck, entertainers are dying from pills instead of heroin, our president is retarded….let’s commiserate.

Black Flag- Depression

Tears For Fears- Mad World

Nirvana- Downer

NIN- Survivalism

Radiohead- Lucky

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    Listening to Lucky spurred a Radiohead marathon in my office. Sad music makes me happy. What does that say about me? I don’t know ….

    How the world is going to hell…..I wonder if we have gone to far to go back and fix it. Just like the dove without hope, do not expect my return

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