Top 10 Rockin' Love Songs for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day…

Love/Hate/Love: Alice in Chains

Love Burns: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I Feel Loved: Depeche Mode

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division

Love is Not Enough: Nine Inch Nails

Love Buzz: Nirvana

My Heart Your Hands: Dommin

Lover’s End: The Birthday Massacre

The Love Song: Marilyn Manson

This Will Make You Love Again: IAMX


    Nice of you to include The Birthday Massacre in that list. I've gotten into them recently through Pandora. Their sound seems a little dated, say like they're about 10 years late in arriving, but I still find them quite tasty.

    I like TBM, but I did not like them live…I agree with them sounding a bit nineties..even eighties…but no complaints here.

    Yeah, I'd have to agree with you on that. Their sound doesn't seem to translate well at all on stage, from what I've seen on YouTube. Not to mention the nu-metal bent-over-double headbanging……

    But they're still a good band, even if only in the studio.

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