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Those quirky SF venues

ipickmynose recently posted about the top 5 quirks of SF venues. And you know what that made me think of? The top 5 things about SF venues that piss me off!

1. I want physical tickets to Bottom of the Hill, Great American Music Hall, and Slim’s shows. It’s a little piece of memorabilia that I treasure. Just let me not be enviro friendly for a few instances. And print at home tickets don’t count.

2. Stop being such camera nazis at The Warfield.

3. There should be a valet at The Independent. Because the Nopa neighborhood literally means ‘no parking’.

4. If you’re going to keep putting shows on at The Grand Ballroom, please upgrade the speakers. They suck.

5. Having beams in the middle of the floor at Slim’s and Mezzanine was poor planning.

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