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Livekick is a new site that aims to help you stay on top of upcoming shows in your area. I’d like to think I stay pretty on top of things on my own, so I gave it a quick test.


I uploaded my itunes database file (scary- I have some ironic stuff in there!) and gave it my username.

I peruse the calendar it made for me. I see several familiar, tickets already bought and paid for events, and then- boom- Agent Orange at Red Devil Lounge. I always forget to check their site. I might have to go check that show out now…

And boo, Britney Spears showed up because of that one song I happen to have.

I will probably continue to hunt and peck ticket and venue sites on my own- I like the hunt, and I’m a control freak. But for those of you who don’t like to put in the hours like I do, it’s worth checking out.

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    Hit the “remove artist” tab for Britney on your My Artists list and she’ll never bother you again. 😉

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